Sun Command Solar Panels

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Nothing at present can heat a pool faster than Sun Command

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Experience Unrivalled Value with Unbeatable Pricing

Unlocking the true potential of pool heating while getting exceptional value for your investment is now a reality.

Direct Purchase Means Ultimate Savings.Step into a realm of superior performance that stretches across the Globe.

Sun Command panels, set the benchmark for excellence.

Your Pool's Best Heating Solution When it comes to efficiency, nothing comes close to Sun Command panels in swiftly warming up your pool.

This cutting-edge technology has redefined pool heating by offering rapid results that simply outpace the competition.

Unlike most panels, Polypropylene boldly resists the onslaught of pool chemicals and salt, ensuring your investment remains intact and efficient. Built to Defy UV and Temperature Challenges

Reliability meets endurance as Polypropylene showcases its UV resistance, setting Sun Command panels apart from all counterparts.

This superior material eliminates vulnerabilities caused by temperature fluctuations, a crucial feature, especially in the diverse conditions of Africa. Amplified Heat Attraction and more robust than most solar panels, with the ability to draw in and retain heat like no other.. Embrace Sun Command - where pioneering technology, unbeatable pricing, and uncompromised value converge. Experience pool heating reimagined.

Currently the BEST performance panels that money can buy - WORLDWIDE

"1" Sun Command Panel = "2,7" Standard Solar Panels

Sun COmmand pricing

2 Sun Command Panels
Heats faster than 5 Standard Panels

Perfect for a 4m x 3m Pool
  • Includes :
  • ✓ Fitment - pump next to single fitment roof
  • ✓ Stainless Steel Clamps
  • ✓ Top Rated EPDM Connectors
  • ✓ Travel, Toll & Sundry

3 Sun Command Panels
Heats faster than 8 Standard Panels

Prefect for a 6m x 4m Pool
  • Includes :
  • ✓ Fitment - pump next to single fitment roof
  • ✓ Stainless Steel Clamps
  • ✓ Top Rated EPDM Connectors
  • ✓ Travel, Toll & Sundry

4 Sun Command Panels
Heats Faster than 10 Standard Panels

Perfect for an 8m x 4m Pool
  • Includes :
  • ✓ Fitment - pump next to single fitment roof
  • ✓ Stainless Steel Clamps
  • ✓ Top Rated EPDM Connectors
  • ✓ Travel, Toll & Sundry

Enjoy your pool to the max

Many hours of family fun, outdoor enjoyment & healthy exercise

Unlock a New Era in Pool Heating with Sun Command Solar Panels

Are you tired of unpredictable pool temperatures? Sun Command Pool Panels are here to revolutionize your pool experience. Say farewell to chilly water and excessive costs, and say hello to an eco-friendly, budget-friendly solution that keeps your pool warm and inviting almost all year long.

Harness Solar Energy for Efficient Pool Heating

Sun Command Pool Solar Panels are your gateway to harnessing the incredible power of the sun for efficient pool heating. Solar energy is not only green but also free and abundant. By investing in these panels, you’ll reduce your environmental footprint while ensuring your pool remains at the perfect temperature, no matter the season.

The Science Behind Sun Command

Sun Command Panels are advanced solar panels that use cutting-edge technology to capture sunlight and convert it into heat for your pool. Here’s how it works: water from your pool circulates through the panels, where it absorbs the sun’s energy and returns to your pool as blissful warmth. It’s a natural, energy-efficient process that keeps your pool cozy without draining your wallet when compared to electric Heat Pumps.

Savings That Add Up

Sun Command Pool Solar Panels not only deliver consistent warmth but also substantial savings. By decreasing your dependence on your Heat Pump, you’ll see a noticeable reduction in your energy bills. Picture enjoying your pool without the worry of escalating costs! With Sun Command, it’s an investment that pays for itself over time.

Year-Round Swimming Pleasure

One of the most remarkable advantages of Sun Command is its ability to extend your swimming season. Don’t let the weather dictate your pool’s availability. With Sun Command ┬ápanels, you can enjoy your pool during cooler months, creating lasting memories with loved ones. Experience the freedom of year-round swimming at your convenience.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

We understand the importance of safeguarding our planet. Sun Command Panels represent a step towards a more sustainable future. By reducing your reliance on your heat pump for pool heating, you’ll significantly shrink your carbon footprint. It’s a small change that can make a substantial impact in the fight against climate change.

Effortless Installation and Low Maintenance

Worried about installation and upkeep? Relax. Sun Command Pool Solar Panels are designed for ease and convenience. Our skilled technicians will have your system up and running swiftly. Plus, once in place, these panels demand NO maintenance, so you can spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it.

Join the Solar Pool Movement

Join the ranks of pool owners Worldwide who are already benefiting from Sun Command Pool Solar Panels. They’ve embraced a greener, cost-effective pool heating solution, and now it can be your turn. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your pool into a warm, welcoming retreat that you can relish throughout the year.

Ready to Dive In?

No other panel at present can heat a pool faster than Sun Command Panels.

Currently the Best Performance Panel available, Worldwide.

Take charge of your pool’s temperature. Sun Command Pool Solar Panels offer a greener, more efficient, and budget-friendly way to relish your pool. Make the savvy choice for your wallet and the environment. Reach out to us today to discover how Sun Command can reshape your pool experience. Embrace the sun’s power and dive into a brighter future for your pool.

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