Solar pool heating panels and prices – pool solar covers and pool blankets

Solar pool heating panels and prices


 What is solar pool heating

Solar pool heating uses the energy of the sun to increase your pools water temperature using natural elements and a non complex circulation process. Solar panels or collectors need to be placed in a prime position for the panels to trap and collect the heat and transfer this heat to the pool with the use of you pool pump. The process is very simple and very effective.

Solar Panels for heating Pools and prices

Solar collectors known as solar panels are strategically placed (normally on a roof top because of the Solar Panels ability to absorb the suns rays and maximising energy absorption. These are the panels used for solar pool heating. These collectors or panels are placed in a position where it is most likely to collect the most amount of heat throughout a 24 hour day cycle.

Solar Panels prices would vary. One would need to get a professional solar pool heating company for a full assessment on your property before and pricing for Solar Panels could be discussed. Once the pool heating company has done a full assessment, they could see as to how many panels would be required to heat your pool. Solar Panels prices can then provided.

Your pool pump is then used to cycle the warm water in the panels into the pool. So the sun warms the panels, the panels warm the water and the pump cycles the warm water to your pool.

The natural energy is trapped and used for heating of the swimming pool making it more comfortable and generally a better experience.

This technique is popular as it gives you greater access to the swimming pool throughout a calendar year. Solar pool heating is one the best and most cost effective way to heat your swimming pool.

What are the benefits of installing a pool solar heating system

So firstly to start off there are different methods to heating a pool example solar panels and pool heating pumps. I will discuss pool pumps in a different article .

Pool pumps use electricity and as a result will cost you more to run.

Solar panels on the other hand use the suns natural heat to keep you pool warm so common sense would say that your saving would be with installing solar panels.

So this would clearly tell us that Solar Panels for pools would be a better option as it would save you money in terms of electricity. The pool heating pumps run off electricity and not the suns natural energy.

What are these solar panels for pool solar heating made from

Solar panels are made from Polypropylene and are treated with ultraviolet light inhibitors to extend the general life of these panels. These panels are typically guaranteed for a certain period of time and also have certain lifespan expectancy. Rather choose solar panels that are guaranteed for a certain period of time so you have peace of mind just in case something may go wrong.

How would I get these solar panels for pools installed

Your property will be to be evaluated to ascertain the energy efficiency and how much of the suns energy is actually reaching your property. It’s no use installing solar pool heating panels and you don’t have the suns reach. Various factors will be considered example: Is your property located in a highly dense urban area or is your area heavily shaded with trees or plants. Solar pool heating uses both direct and indirect sunlight and in some climates you may not need that much direct sunlight and therefore may not be affected by this.

How many pool solar panels would a pool typically need

Its difficult to calculate as to how many panels a pool would need without the correct information example: How big is the pool? Depth, length and width is measured. Are you using any covers on the pool area as this would help with the heating of the pool. What temperature would you like to swim in your pool? That is how hot would you like your pool to be? How much sun is your property typically getting in a full 24 hour day cycle? These are the factors that would influence how many panels would be needed to properly heat the pool and keep the pool heated.

Getting the most out your solar panels to heat your pool

Solar panels typically should be mounted somewhere near your pool area. The panels need to be mounted somewhere it would get the most amount of sun throughout the day. So your maximum exposure too sun needs to be acquired and the panels placed there for maximum exposure and heating. You should also consider how the roof of your property is built and how to effectively install these panels. Your need to take into consideration your position and where you live and how the sun rises and sets each day.

How do I know when the solar panels are heating optimally

There are various methods is measuring a pools heat and to check if a pools heating system is working efficiently. You can get a thermostat from your local pool supplier and build that into your system and keep track of your pools heat that way or, you could just feel the water. If you think that you would actually jump into that pool right now, chances are that your solar panels for your pool heating is working.

What about getting the system installed

There are many factors to consider when getting a solar pool heating system installed. As previously mentioned, your residence, pool covers and many other factors will affect your solar panel installation. It is recommended that you get your system installed by professional pool installers. Its really important that a professional company is used as this will give you maximum benefit and peace of mind.

What about maintenance

If the system is professionally installed and the actual pool properly taken care of, no maintenance would be required. You would also get your manufacturer’s and professional installers guarantee.

Where can I get prices for Solar Panels

Solar Panel prices can be obtained from a qualified installer or upon getting a quote. It is highly recommended that you get a professional to come out to your property, evaluate the property and see what is the best option for you. Solar Panel prices differ but one should always consider the quality, guarantee and most of all life span of the Solar Panels for your pool. Cheaper isn’t always better and could hurt you in the long run. In saying that, a professional installer will always try and give you best quality and best value for money. Solar Panel Pricing is just one aspect, installation being the most important.



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